CBS Diaries: A Bird in the Flock

The day I walked in CBS as a first year student, I was proudly welcomed with a ‘Tilak’, a mark of warmth and sancity in India. It was a way for our seniors to express their bliss on our arrival and wish us luck on the journey we began. The ritual had managed to achieved something else as well; every freshman could be spotted easily. It helped me connect with the people going through the same nervousness and euphoria.

CBS is in itself a name that is reflected through your personalities for the years to come and therefore, becoming a part of it can be overwhelming. Been there already, the existing batches understand this and ensure you channel your new-to-the-college zeal in the right direction. How? CBS is much known for its ‘society culture’. There is a plethora of societies ranging from academic to cultural which will invite you in with open arms. Doubts, confusion, indecisiveness, they might set in soon after you begin but eventually, things do fall in place.

After just a year, and it has been one fantastic year, I realise how much I have learnt from my seniors and changed for the better. On the academic front not much is different, be it assignments, presentations, notes, subject selection and even advice on general matters, help is always available in every corner. Talking about my fellow batch mates, ‘Luck’ is the first word that comes to my mind. It is an absolute privilege to have such compassionate and candid friends. From group studies to college fests, from canteen chit-chats to metro gossips, friends make life at CBS a little work and a little play.

The small size batches ensure you end up waving ‘Hi’s’ to at least a dozen people across the corridors. Although everyone is excited to shift to the new campus, our ‘Jhilmil quadrangle’ had a huge role in keeping us connected. It will be dearly missed as our broadcaster. “Birds of same feathers flock together, and when they flock together they fly so high.”

At CBS, every person you meet aims high, they excel at a few things and aspire to conquer more. Since the admission is routed through an entrance test, you will meet people from different streams, different places and different cultures carrying different perspectives that help broaden your horizon.

What sets the CBS crowd apart from its contemporaries is their management skills. From managing classes, to societies, to attendance, to organising events, to internships and live projects- a CBSite is able to do it all. The crowd in CBS compensates for the life at North Campus. Being in CBS, there is no pinnacle to learning, it is an everyday process.

Snigdha Verma


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