The Final Choice: BMS vs BBA(FIA) [Part-2]

The subjects you choose now will command how the next three years of your life turn out. The only option is to make the wisest decision. BBA(FIA) is the dream course for any finance enthusiast. BMS, on the other hand, delves into several aspects of management including specialization in the final year.
Bachelor of Management Studies 
Successor to BBS, that is Bachelor of Business Studies, BMS allows the student to adopt a practical approach and scrutinize various management practices, accounting practices and decision making. Subjects like statistics, economics, managerial accounting and analysis form the core of the course structure. The course allows the student to develop a perspective pertaining to real-life problems through case studies, presentations and corporate visits. Electives like IT Tools and Risk Management help him/her further his/her analytical skills.
Specialization allows the student to focus particularly on either of the three areas – Finance, Marketing or Human Resources.
A Finance student, in his final year, undergoes study of financial statements, capital market, investment analysis and taxation. Typically, a BMS (Finance), earlier BBS, graduate is offered job profiles ranging from an analyst to a consultant right after graduation in companies including MBB, Big Four and several others.
For a Marketing student, the course structure revolves around Brand Management, Sales Management and Consumer Behavior. The graduates are recruited by reputed companies for profiles encompassing advertising, public relations, business development, market research and client development.
An HR student goes through a rigourous course that pivots on recruitment, selection, training, evaluation and compensation of employees along with technical projects to keep him/her in touch with the global culture of corporates. HR strategists, Affirmative Action Coordinators, Strategic HR consultant and HRIS specialists are a few job profiles the student can choose from.
The student can opt for on-campus placement, fetching an average package of about 6 lpa or pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Several students choose to pursue courses like CA, CFA and Actuarial Sciences to boost their knowledge base alongside or after their graduation. On the unconventional side, BMS graduates indulge into entrepreneurship, often instituting their own start-up company.

BMS forms a substantial base for a career ahead, not only in the field of finance, marketing or HR but for the larger definition of management.

Number of seats

In total, 553 seats are available for BMS in 9 different colleges.
SSCBS offers 185 seats for the same. 
You can find the complete course structure here: 
Here are a few pointers that you should take into consideration before you make the final call:
1. Since BBA(FIA) is a core finance course, a candidate with aversion to numbers should not opt for it.
2. If you are unsure of the subjects you wish to specialize in, BMS lets you make the choice in the final year. This allows you to make a lucid and thought-out decision.
3. Internships, case-studies and presentations form a part of both the courses and carry almost the same weightage.

4. Companies and post-graduation institutes consider your skill set and experience before selection. In the end, it comes down to what you make of the three years you spend.


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