Composition of a CBSite

CBSites: A species characterised with high levels of corporate exposure and business acumen, propensity to utter phrases like ‘sorted’ and ‘acknowledged’; possess the ability to pitch (beg) for sponsorships and waivers at the drop of a hat; highly adaptable, they are considered to be one of the most evolved beings in the University of Delhi kingdom.

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Exposure stories: Settling Outside My Comfort Zone

School life was a journey that ingrained academic excellence, a hunger for the right opportunities and comprehensive growth. With its inevitable culmination, a sense of anxiety engulfed me, anxiety layered with excitement of new possibilities. Somewhere then, in the battle of percentages and cut offs, CBS happened.

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I still remember the day I went to Jhilmil for my admission and got down the e-rickshaw and my brother asked me what I was finding as I looked here and there trying to find where my college building was. He pointed to an old pinkish building and showed it to me as my mouth was wide open trying to digest the fact that my college campus was nowhere near to what I had expected it to be.


Exploring the gap year

The Road to CBS was a rather treacherous one. I was a through and through Business Enthusiast during my schooling. However, a huge chunk of society believes that science should be the natural selection when one secures above average marks in their 10th standard. Unfortunately, I too lacked originality and went with the popular notion.

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Exposure Stories: The Struggle for Corporate Exposure

With your first steps into CBS, it engulfs you in chants of Corporate Exposure, bombarded with the enthusiasm of your seniors, passionate and persuasive about their respective societies. Hidden in the cultural block, canteen, corridors, and quadrangle of the soon to be the old campus of the college, I can profusely claim that I’ve experienced much of it during the last three years of my life.

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