Life then and now : The lesson of adaptation

I still reminisce over the time when I entered a dilapidated building which happens to be a college situated in not so famous area of Jhilmil in East Delhi, first time for my admission process there, leaving most of the other well-known North Campus colleges. Soon it became home.

Spending more than half of my day in the same building has made me effortlessly used to the atmosphere of this place and a lot of things more. Studying in this building was none of a disadvantage for students here but had actually made CBSite’s what they are known for today in each part of the DU circuit, their out of the box ideas and energy, it is matchless. A tiny building in East Delhi inculcated firm determination and grit regardless of how difficult the situation was.

A year here taught me that there is absolutely nothing that can create a barrier for a CBSite’s innovative mind. From having brainstorming workshops, events, cultural performances to playing sports like cricket and football, no one can imagine how we make use of a compact space to do stuff and utilise it the way we want to. I still recall the days when we played badminton by using boxes kept in our ground as nets. The building from outside might not seem as happening and appealing as it was from inside of it.

Moving to a much bigger and enriched campus in terms of infrastructure will be a complete change for the current batches who have actually resided in original campus as well. For CBSites, who have learned to organise on a minute and confined scale will continue to do so on an enormous one too. More area implies not just spoons of activities or performances rather fun in a big jar of what we call as ‘MANAGEMENT’. The professional and the organisational look of the building will keep all the molecules together. The life of CBSites is like water, trying to manage the best in whichever shape of container they are put in, making use of the even tiniest space available for them.

Attending long lectures in a small classroom with no air conditioners was not always easy, especially in the summers. It was our endurance and professionalism that helped us overcame it. Apart from the fact that our best friends were also attending the lecture and their company was helping us going through it.

The new campus only provides all the more reasons to be there and exploit every ounce of amenities and luxuries we have now. Moreover, moving to a new area with encompassing more of hangout places nearby than before, we will also tend to develop our curiosity to find out new places and also to do something different and unique around the campus.

Different people resort to different personality changes according to different situations. But for CBSites, irrespective of the change of place or location, all they mean is BUSINESS.

(Regardless of what it was and what it is now, we will definitely be missing our old campus where we learnt the basics of what we are going to apply in a new environment from now onwards.

Harshit Virmani 


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