Life at CBS: Phase 1

To begin with some clichéd, always enchanted phrases that raise University of Delhi to a pedestal of eminent universities of the world, take my word for it, this fact can never be overstated. University of Delhi is indeed one of the finest places to be at, SSCBS is another.

SSCBS is one of the most coveted undergraduate colleges under Delhi University. The facts aside, life here is as hard as getting a seat here. The life of a CBSite is bustling with new ideas and experiences everyday. To break it up for you, I’ll begin with the getting in part.

The route to CBS goes through an entrance test called JAT. Now that most of it is done, you’ll face the harder part. The choice. For most, CBS is a destination that they long for, hence, the choice is a wee-bit simpler. For the rest, hours will go by in deliberations and research, but all of it will be worth it. While some have already made the decision, some are yet to come out of the fix. Talk to students, seniors, parents, teachers and everybody you can find, but make the choice on your own. If you make it through, you’ll end up around the enchanting, white colored eight storeyed building of CBS.

Your first day at CBS, like mine was a year ago, under the scorching sun, will feel like a whole new world. You’ll not get to be a part of the very fancy and intricately designed Jhilmil building, but the love of your seniors and warmth of CBS definitely awaits you. The first few weeks might be the hardest (or you’ll think) with studies, societies and the entire concept of college life all thrown together into your face. Over the course of the next few months, CBS will happen. Running around, organising events, conducting meetings and being on the other side, hunting for internships and sponsorship meetings, completing assignments, presentations and seminars, you’ll fit so perfectly in, like a piece of a puzzle.

To the part with friends, you’ll meet the most awe-inspiring people here, a mix of seniors and your own batch. The crowd of CBS is a careful mix of aspiring and ambitious scorers, art enthusiasts and adventurous souls. You’ll find your set of amigos sitting in a Central Perk around. The better part, however, is how the atmosphere inspires and pushes you beyond the edges you planned for yourself a year ago. You’ll set new benchmarks, compete, beat and be beaten. Everyday will be a better day, a better learning. One year down the line, you’ll welcome another inspiring generation of CBSites who’ll walk through the same doors, holding the same apprehensions. These words of wisdom pass on eternally from generation to generation, making life at CBS the best three years when you look back at them.

A last piece of advice, don’t limit yourself to the classroom because the essence of CBS can’t be contained there in. The life begins outside the four walls, in corporate offices, in practice rooms, in competitions and discussions. Never hesitate to put your point across and never be just another face in the crowd. That is the worst you can be here.

Nikita Gambhir


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